Pastry course for children

Last but Lab opens the doors of his laboratory to accommodate young aspiring pastry chefs. They welcome children who want to share the joyful moments of effort in the preparation of sweets of Christmas.

Course Organization

Check in 15 minutes before your appointment, waiting will be offered to every student of the small fruit juice and water.


Each child will be accompanied to his personal position and become familiar with all the utensils and ingredients needed to make the preparation.

An experienced tutor teaches aspiring pastry small confectioners secrets for preparing sweet.

The duration of the laboratory is about two hours, after which the preparation is baked in ovens of Dulcis Lab.

... At the end of the waiting area: snack and games.

This I did

Each child is given a bag containing the preparation by himself and made the recipe used during the workshop.


Small pastry chefs put their hands in the dough and the kitchen becomes a shared experience and fun, unique and special.

Last but Pastry opens the doors of his laboratory offers a delicious course for your young aspiring pastry chefs from 4 years up.
During the lessons the children will increase dexterity and creativity by learning to prepare classic Christmas cookies:
The classic cookies Natal, funny men Gingerbread, are mixed, cut and baked. It then moves on to the decoration with sugar paste.
Simple shortbread in the shape of Christmas tree, adorned with themed decorations, to give and share with your loved ones to celebrate Christmas.
The cost is € 25,00 per person. Each child will take home the sweet prepared.
For information and registration: corsi@dulcispasticceria.it