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A long family tradition, which has its origin in a small village in Sardinia called Desulo. Already by 1920 in the small family bakery they are preparing bread and sweets.

Elizabeth Todd, founder of the company, in 1980 he opened a workshop for the preparation of sweets in Cagliari, Via Cocco Ortu, near the town market of San Benedetto, once a hub for commerce and citizen still the center of food excellence. Over the years and with the steady growth of the manufacturing site of the bakery moved, until arriving in 2009 to the current headquarters of Elmas.

The selling point of Cagliari, in Baylle 25, was born in 2007, in the former headquarters of the historic delicatessen Cagliaritana "Wander". The restaurant has maintained the characteristics of traditional workshop of the small towns of Sardinia.

In 2014 it opens in Assemini the new store of Pastry Dulcis. Located in Sardinia 10, an important crossroads of the city life, the pastry maintains the characteristics of the historic store in Cagliari.

Where are we

Elmas - Sede amministrativa e produzione :

Via Bacco 22, zona industriale Elmas, 09030 Elmas, (CA) tel. 39,070,240901 millions 


Orari di apertura dal

lunedì al venerdì : dalle 09:00 alle 13:00 e dalle 15:00 alle 18:00 .

Sabato e domenica : dalle 08:00 alle 12:00 solo merce raccolta



Cagliari - Negozio:

Via Baylle 25, 09124, Cagliari, (CA) tel. 39,070,674043 millions 

Informazioni generali : cagliari@dulcispasticceria.it

Orario di apertura

Tutti i giorni dalle 8:30 alle 22:00




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